Project Sea Change


The socio-economic crisis in Europe at present asks questions that are difficult to answer. Possibly, the most urgent question of them all is being asked by young Europeans: Will I be able to get a job, buy a home, support a family? Who will provide for me if I lose my job or my health, and what about when I grow old? The world-wide collapse in the financial markets since 2008 has also triggered a crisis in many European countries. Skyrocketing debt, mass unemployment, economic recession and political turmoil is not a theoretical outcome, but a sad and pressing reality for millions of European citizens. Project Sea Change is about documenting the lives of young Europeans through the eyes of 13 different photographers around Europe, to show how they are affected by current uncertainties. In Malta, youth seem untouched by the troubles that the rest of Europe are facing. Few plan to live abroad, and many see moving to another country temporary. With leaving home in late twenties and the closeness to family and tradition, the biggest issue Maltese youth face is gaining autonomy.

Project Sea Change collaborates with the VII photo agency, and has received generous funding from Norwegian government sources, private foundations and media companies.

Young members of the St Gabriel's Band Club perform prior to the presentation of the statue of the Patron Saint of Balzan Parish.
Omar, 18, is a Gambian migrant living in Malta. He arrived in Malta in 2013. "I don't want to go to any other place, but I'm not relaxed here yet". Being the nearest European country out of Africam Malta has received about 18000 migrants in the past decad
Andrew, 19, is a video maker, student and body-builds in his spare time. "If I miss out on a day of weight-lifting I feel like shit afterwards. It's like I didn't live up to that daily challenge that I set up for myself for that day, and I'd be disappoint
Youths at a worship session with the 'Youths For Jesus' Community in Malta. Stephie, "Although in Malta most young people arent practising Catholics they have the same values. But slowly slowly the divide is increasing and it is difficult to hold on to my
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